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Since it's establishment in 1982, Ngwane Teachers College has been and still is an inspiring community of highly skilled competent and resourceful teachers who contribute effectively and efficiently to the development of the nation and the SADC region.

Ngwane Teachers College (NTC) is situated in the Shiselweni region. The college is about 3km south of Nhlangano town. The college was established in 1982 as a government institution under the ministry of Education. 

The construction of the college emanated from the findings of an education commission which was set up by the government in 1976. The recommendations of the commission included the construction of a teachers’ college which would have diversified programmes that would include practical subjects such as Agriculture, Art and Crafts, Music, and Home Economics. 

The construction of the college was sponsored by the European Union (EU) and was officially opened on 30th September 1983 by Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini who was Prime Minister then.

The EU also provided funds for staff development. Some lecturers were sent to the United Kingdom for further training. Kellogg foundation also helped with funds for the upgrading of lectures’ qualifications. Experts were also sent from the United States to come and help with the development of the college curriculum. This led to the introduction of an exchange programme between NTC and Ohio College. The Ohio College used to send students to learn and have experience of the culture and set up of ESwatini. In return the college sent lecturers to Ohio College to study for Masters Degrees.

The Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC) was phased out in 1987. From 1989 to date the college is offering a three year Primary Teachers Diploma (PTD) programme. About 90% of the students in the college are sponsored by the ESwatini Government. Students are awarded scholarships by the ESwatini government which cover: tuition, boarding and lodging, book allowance as well as personal allowance and teaching practice.


Vision, Mission & Core Values


To provide a diversified curriculum for the development of highly skilled competent and resourceful teachers who will contribute effectively and efficiently to the development of the nation and the SADC region.


To be an excellent teacher educator institution renowned for producing competent teachers and providing quality service by engaging experienced professionals using modern systems that prospective teachers and other significant stakeholders aspire to associate with in the deliverance of quality education in ESwatini and beyond

Core Values

The administration, faculty stuff members and students of Ngwane Teachers College endeavour to uphold a set of values that are fundamental to the college identity. We encourage adherence to these values in respect of our name and mandate.
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Team work

What makes us different?

The college policies state our position on particular issues, procedures and compliance throughout our operation with regards to laws, regulations, efficiencies, procedures and other relevant issues pertaining to our mandate.

Quality Assurance
Provides the broad framework for achieving Quality Assurance in service delivery
Provides the needed guidelines to ensure that the College offers innovative, demand driven academic programmes
Teaching and Learning Policy
Peer and Professional Evaluation of Teaching Policy
Ensures that best practices are shared among peers in teaching and learning settings such as classrooms, studios, laboratories, field work....
Sets the standard of behaviour for all members of the college community with regards to ethical and morale issues as part of quality improvement.
Ethics and Ethical Conduct Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Staff of the College shall have freedom within the law to hold and express opinion, to question and test established ideas and receive wisdom, and to present controversial or unpopular points of view without fear.
States our commitment to comply with the general requirements of appropriate Section of the Labour laws on Occupational health and Safety, management of hazards and risk management
Health and Safety Policy
Disability Policy
Raises awareness and demonstrates commitment to disability issues as it integrates staff and students with disabilities into the college’s physical and social environment.
Provides guidelines for actions that would ensure that the assets are efficiently and effectively maintained
Maintenance Policy
Gender Policy
Builds an equitable College environment devoid of discrimination in order to harnesses the full potentials of all staff and students, regardless of sex or circumstance.
The college operates a zero-tolerance policy for any form of sexual harassment in the workplace (for students and staff), treat all incidents seriously and promptly investigate all allegations of sexual harassment.
Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Meet the Administration

Celiwe T. Khumalo

Principal - Ngwane Teacher's College

Mrs Celiwe T. Khumalo was appointed lecturer at Ngwane teachers college in 2006. She got promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer in 2008 and further to Head of Department of Education in 2010 and the Coordinator of the Early Childhood Care and Education programme in the college from 2013. She holds the following qualifications:

  • M Ed (Master of Education) Midlands State University 
  • B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) UNISWA
  • PGDDE – Indira Gandhi Open University- India 
  • PTD (Primary Teachers Diploma) William Pitcher College

On behalf of the Academic Board and the entire Management, I warmly welcome you to the Ngwane Teachers College (NTC), Nhlangano, Eswatini. Established in 1982 as a Government Institution under the Ministry of Education and Training, the College has seen immense growth in all aspects. The college can now boast of a student population of about 1,100 from the PTD and ECCD Programme.

We at Ngwane Teachers College recognise the fact that, the quality of a country’s human capital is critical to its development, social cohesion and global competitiveness. Therefore, the College presents an environment for teaching, research and learning in Teacher Education for the human resource development of the Kingdom of Eswatini and the whole of the African continent and offers service to the community.

Together, we will continue to deploy our strengths and strategic initiatives to enable our cherished faculty and staff to continue to embark on relevant and 21st century teacher education, development and activities, that would not only imbibe in our students the requisite skills for the transformation of teacher education and human resource development of the Kingdom of Eswatini, but also enhance the international visibility of our noble institution. 

The Ngwane Teachers’ College is opened to all people and positioned to attract scholars, educationist from Eswatini, Africa and indeed, the international community. You are, therefore, warmly welcome to our campus to do business with us, as either a student, faculty member or a partner.

Enjoy our site

Celiwe T. Khumalo

The Principal works with a remarkable Administration Team


dr. buyisile dladla-simelane

Vice principal

PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (UNIZULU)
MEd in Educational Administration & Management (UNISWA)
B.Ed. Primary (UNISWA)
Primary Teacher’s Diploma (William Pitcher College)


ms. peggy mabuza

Snr. librarian

Master’s degree in Library Studies (Magister Bibliotheca-M.Bibl)
Advanced Diploma in Marketing,Advertising and Public Relations
Bachelor degree in Library Studies
Diploma in Library Studies
Certificate in Library Studies


ms. khanysile johnson

Snr. matron

Certificate in Counselling in the Workplace – IDM
Certificate in Hotel and Catering- SCOT
Certificate in Management-IDM
Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene Management-IDM
Occupational Health and Safety-SIMPA


mr. Sabelo khumalo

Dean of student affairs

Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching)
 B.A. Humanities (UNISWA)

A bright start in your career

A College committed in presenting an environment for teaching, research and learning in Teacher Education

About Us

Ngwane Teachers’ College (NTC) is situated in the Shiselweni region. The college is about 3km south of Nhlangano town. The college was established in 1982 as a government institution under the ministry of Education

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